Park 4 Night App


This will help you find both paid and free spots to park up for the night. We like more remote areas, maybe near a lake or river, so we tend to look for the tree symbol on the map. app for traveling


Gives you a map of all of the public toilets in Ireland including petrol stations. We like to keep some semblance of romance alive on our trips together so we have never brought a camping toilet with us. This app has saved us numerous times. We’d recommend knowing where the nearest toilet is before you park up at night so that you’re not left stuck the next morning! logo - app for travelling


Gives you a map of the drinking stations near you for when you need to refill with fresh water.


The Irish road trip - planning travel around Ireland

Their website, facebook and instagram are all great for road trip itinerary guides tailored to suit different lengths of trips.

Google maps - App for travelling


Don’t think this one needs any explanation…